Ch-ch-changes ...

Smiling so big because big things are on their way!

Smiling so big because big things are on their way!

Ch-ch-changes ….

Me-oh-my has it been a LONG while! I haven’t put pen to paper (read: wrote a blog post) in so so so long. And there’s a NUMBER of reasons why. Instead of boring you with all of the reasons, I thought I would catch you back up to speed with where I’ve been at and what I’m up to now. Because, I don’t know if you noticed, but things have changed a bit around these parts.

Last we chatted I was shopping for wedding dresses (and feeling super overwhelmed about it) and working on my brand new business. I’m now married (it’s almost been a year!), and my business has shifted quite a bit. The things I have learned about myself in the past year and a half have been transformative and as a result, my business has transformed too.

I used to look at businesses closing and entrepreneurs failing on attempt #1 as a really terrible thing. After all, it’s a failure, right? W-R-O-N-G. Oh, so wrong.

For me, closing the catering part of my business was a difficult choice at first. But once I started working in food for another business, it became clear this was the exact choice I needed to make. And it didn't mean failure. It allowed me to close that part of my business and open other parts of me. Because here’s the thing … when you say ‘no’ to something, you’re actually saying ‘yes’ to so many other things!

I guess you need a bit of context.

Ok, back story: when I was in nutrition school and culinary nutrition school, I realized the food part was the part that I loved. I loved understanding more about what food can do for you, how it can help heal, how it can be used for good. See, in my past, I had always abused food as a “control” mechanism. I had assumed that when I had control over the food that I put into my body, I could manipulate my size. In my mind, my size, and the ability to shrink my body is what spelled success for me.

But by studying food through culinary nutrition school, and sitting in my own experience of abusing food, I began to understand food is so much more than “in and out”. And it’s certainly more than something to ‘control’ in your life.

It has colours. And flavours. And textures. But most importantly, I began to see how it can bring people together. Because isn’t that the point of a food experience? To enjoy it with people you love? To describe the flavours. The texture. The smells. What you love about it. What you’re craving. What you love to eat. Food is such a soulful experience and this was something that hadn’t occurred to me until I dropped the morality that certain foods had over me and just let it be what it was - food.

The moment I realized this was the same moment I realized that I wanted to educate about THIS! I didn’t want to cook for others but instead educate about the power we give food and what we can do to change this. How we can remove the good & bad of food.

Because food is just food. It isn’t all-solving. It is just food. And it doesn’t relate to our body image or self-worth AT ALL.

So, you’ll start to see some changes around here! I’ll still be whipping up yummy recipes for you to make at home, but you’ll see a shift on here that talks much more about removing the value we place on our appearance, and replacing that with who we are as people.

I will be launching a coaching program as well! But let’s not get too ahead of ourselves!

So, that’s me. Those are the changes. And I’m so excited to share them with you! Until next time...