Let’s Get to Know Each Other!

I love working with brands and companies that align with my values. I’m a true believer of food holding no moral power over us and truly diminishing the language of “good” or “bad” food.

Learning to love ourselves, understand our worth isn’t related to our body, and the way we look or how others perceive us is the best message I can help to spread.

If you have ideas outside of those listed below, send me an email and we can chat. I’m always happy to brainstorm new ideas. My media kit is also available upon requested.

Partnership Opportunities

Corporate Engagements: I lived life in the fast lane while working a corporate job for over 10 years. Over the years, coupled with my background in nutrition, I developed ways to be my best self. I love teaching those who are currently feeling the pressure of quarter-crunching and goal-achieving all.day.long easy skills to slow their roll and nourish their bodies. Topics I’ve educated on are: Stress & Food, Reducing Food Waste, How to Cook With Leftovers, Managing Stress, and Easy Meal Prep.

Food Styling & Photography: Are you looking for a food photographer for a specific product, recipe, marketing material or publication? Or, do you want to purchase rights to one of my images on this site? I’m available for a wide range of photography and styling projects.

Brand Ambassador Programs/Brand Representative/Spokesperson: Public speaking is one of my favourite activities when I’m sharing something I passionately believe in. I enjoy representing brands that authentically fit with my lifestyle and brand. Working with brands can include many different things like a series of Instagram stories, blog posts including recipe development, Instagram takeovers, media appearances, or photography. Reach out if you have any additional questions.

Cooking Classes & Private Events: Cooking is my jam! I love collaborating with others, teaching them to find their groove in the kitchen. I am available for one-on-one sessions, group demos, or in-home cooking nights. Specific dietary needs can definitely be accommodated as necessary. Check out my events page for past events.

Travel Review: One of my favourite things is traveling and experiencing cultures through their food and rituals. My passport is always itching to see somewhere new! Please reach out if you’re looking for press coverage of your city or event.